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A Nifty Tool for Sharing Social Media

SocialDitto logo.Reading my crop of web design, development and SEO newsletters this morning, I came across this nifty tool for sharing worthy social media content from a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ status directly in your article or on your blog or website: SocialDitto. SocialDitto is an easy-to-use app from the stable of our friends over at WebProNews, and the good news is that it is a good quality, free service.

Here’s an example of an embedded Facebook status:


In this exclusive interview with WebProNews, Brightcove CMO Jeff Whatcott discusses the latest innovations in online video.

Brightcove on the Transformation of Online Video
In recent years, we’ve seen online video go from very simplistic content to now television and movie-type content. While this progression brings a lot of exc…


FBI and Wikipedia at odds

Thanks to Chris Crum of WebProNews for posting this interesting article about the argument between the mighty FBI and Wikipedia. (See article.) It is absolutely astounding how the FBI is twisting the truth and making up regulations as they go!

And it all seems to be such a storm in a teacup – which corporation would not want their logo splashed all over the internet?

But hang on, what’s really behind this? This issue seems to be part of a trend where large corporations and governments want to control the content of the internet. The control imposed by the Chinese government on Google and Google’s retaliation is another case in point. It all boils down to the fact that knowledge is power, and the likes of Google, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks and even YouTube and Facebook are providing access to information for common people.

Is “Freedom of Information” becoming an historical concept?